Moon In Taurus. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Taurus. Here we are again babes. The sign of worth, values & what we covet & adore. How did you sleep? It’s possible you had a rough night. Dreams/nightmares of past relationships, secrets, & misdeeds may have surfaced. Perhaps you lost a precious thing or discovered a secret that shocks or disarms you. The next few days will ask you, “Do you value the truth?” You may have been thinking about this on the regular since the Sun entered Sagittarius back on Nov. 20th. What do you know now that you didn’t know then? I’ve mentioned the call to share your truth a few times in the last few weeks also. That energy may begin to peak during this Moon. What matters will rise to the surface & in may not be what you thought it would be. You’ll benefit from facing it if you’re ready. If it brings you fear/anxiety ask for help. Don’t try to face the truth alone if you don’t feel ready. It’s ok to lean on your friends. Taurus is the BFF of the zodiac. Express yourself to a good friend. Practice your speeches with them. Test your declarations in a safe space. You may find your bravery makes it easier for them to share their truth with you. Look at your Taurus house for clues about where your truth may need to be expressed. If you’ve been with me a while & your tracking the Moon in your journal- go back at look at your Taurus entries. This is when the Moon is making contact with Uranus. It’s uncomfortable for most of us. Why patterns are you seeing? Are you seeing your anxiety levels increase? Moodiness? It also be a time of great insight & revelations. Notice this. It can make us go 😬 but it’s also a gift if we decide as much. The bull is calm, patient & loving- until it’s not. When it has a mission or an intention it is unstoppable. We all have Taurus in us. When you feel uncertain remember your resources. Remember you are part powerful, beautiful beast. No need to hide it if it’s time to release it. It’s healthier for you to stampede for a little while than it is for you to bottle up all that energy. Again, if you need help finding the best way to let it go- reach out. I love you beefcake. Be brave out there! And don’t forget to check in on your strong friends.

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