Moon In Aries. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Aries. The defender of individuality, freedom of self expression, & the warrior for the vulnerable. Now may be a good time to express all that you’ve learned about yourself in the last cycle. (What is that cycle for you? A week, month, year, lifetime?) Actively & intentionally share your selfhood with others in your community but don’t do it FOR an audience. Do it as a member of that group. Do it for the benefit of that collective. Share the value of self mastery AND listen as others may be called to share their own stories & truths. If we give each other space for healthy selfishness we may be able to rebuild a world that sees us all for our uniqueness. We may be better able to understand how we WORK for our WeRK. Notice what’s going on in your Aries house and see how you can be more self focused for the good of the world. I love you babes.

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