Moon In Pisces. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Pisces. The veil. Everything & Nothing. The two fish. This Moon arrives very early in the Pacific NW @ 4:40am. What dreams did you bring up from underneath? The line between “us & me” may have thinned. You may be able to see where your imagination & desire are commingled during the next 2.5 days. Tilt your head slightly & look at it all differently: Everything you know has value. The time spent learning is never wasted. Take some quiet time to explore your KNOWING. Notice what you know at your core. Give your wild idea & fantasy some attention & space. Let these dreams come forward in the awake world. Allow them to bring you in and out of your conscious mind during this mutable water Moon. This is a time you could safely plunge into the deepest waters to discover your TRUTH & allow it to expand. This is not a space for exposing others to your new discoveries-this is me time. Let this information take shape in the primordial waters of Pisces. Give it the permission it needs to become true. Hold it up on high & honor it. Let it take shape so it can become the tool you’re needing. Look at your Pisces house to discover what is your truest truth. Let the lines & lies that may be there, blocking you, dissolve. This has been a swirly house for some time. Allow Neptune to communicate in its own way. Meditate, divine & open up to messages that do want to come thru. Commit to quietly listening to the sounds & signals in a magical space. What planets do you have in Pisces? What are their keywords? Where there has been confusion you may find a glorious clarity or a grand call to action over the next few days. These messages may lead you to a Chiron tool- a gift that springs from your pain but becomes a healing offering to others. Everything is nothing babes. You are all the things. Get misty & loose so you can receive the gifts is this rainbow Moon. KNOW you are worthy of the process. Reach out if you need guidance to find your Pisces house. I am here to help. I love you so much babes. Swim out into the middle of the water fishies; there is magic there!

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