Moon In Aquarius. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Aquarius. Whoa. That was so weird. Seriously. The weirdest of the weird lives here with the bearer of water. This is the house in your chart where you may find your inner freak. It can also be a place where you need to stop hiding that wild child and come out blazing in a silver jumpsuit. This is especially true in weathers like these. Things are a bit twisty still and a lot of you have said you feel like you’re waking up from a long, strange dream. Others have feelings of being in a washing machine or whirlpool the last week or so. We had a strong dose of Earth with the Capricorn Moon over the weekend but that might have brought in the “bite off more than you can chew” energy into your life. No! Go back a little...that’s too far babes! Too much of a good thing! These are Jupiter vibes shining thru. Aquarius brings the gift of logical, fixed air back to help us if we are open to its crisp coolness. Think about what you’ve been thru the last ten days, even if (especially if) it’s been super hard. What tools may be hiding in the sh*t? Can you process the bits of data & set aside the feels? Aquarius can probably help with that. Get together with friends & see what you can invent together. Run the wild daydreams by each other & see what weird connections you can make. Maybe you’ll have each other’s solutions buried deep in a distant dream memory or meditation you’ve just had? Flex your psychic muscles babes. You won’t know unless you’re willing to share your quirkiness with your peeps. Look at your Aquarius house and planets for more keywords about what’s up for you under these Moon vibes. If you’re not sure how to look up your chart- reach out. I’m happy to help. If you need Aquarius Weirdo tips I’m your gal- my Aquarius Sun is extra weird. Hope you get to share your flare with the world babes! You’re amazing just as you are! 🤪🤓🤩 I love you! Sorry this is so late too! Wow this day was on fast forward!!! Beep beep!

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