Moon In Capricorn. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Capricorn. The upper management, the law & the hardest working goat on the cliffs. During this Moon chances are you’ll see what all the whirly-swirl of last week may have been trying to show you. The off-kilter vibes might have been trying to reveal a tool or magic power meant just for you. But it was not easy to focus or find anything in all that mist. If you surrendered to the flow it’s possible you’re gonna be able to get down to business with your new tools these next few days. If you got tensed & panicked by the merry-go-round-like energies of the last week & you missed your tools...don’t fear. These next few days will show you what you need to know also; it just may come thru with an extra layer of Saturn attached. Lessons hard learned are still learned. The point of the tipsy weathers we experience are to notice & acknowledge them. Stop & sense them. Things cannot & will not always be easy. The cycles of up/down, light/dark never stop - we don’t really want them too. Instead we need to learn to honor & respect the sacred circle. Giving as much time & attention to the off days as the gleeful ones. What did you learn in the last week & what new tools has this process exposed to you? Look at your Capricorn house. What planets are there in your birth chart? Do you know the keywords for those planets? What about the themes of that house? Can you see a pattern emerging from that part of your life RN? Does it correlate to those key words? Can you initiate your projects or goals using those themes to improve your outcomes? Are you still too sideways to think about that? That’s ok. Be sideways. Let your imagination guide you- commit to a meditation practice this morning. The tool may come to you by tonight when this Moon makes contact with Saturn. Stay open & voice your willingness to commit to your new gifts. Saturn likes devotion & WeRK- tell her your plans. See where you can offer devotion in exchange for some new tools. Reach out if you’re not sure about how to find these things in the chart. OR if you know where but not WTf Any of that means. I am here to offer help. I love you billy goats. Be kind to yourself this weekend. You’re doing great.

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