New Moon In Sagittarius 2018

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New Moon in Sagittarius. Exact @ 15° 11:20pm PST. There may be a misty cloud around your goal lists & intentions tonight but don’t be daunted by the whirly-swirly-twirly vibes. If you can get into it, go with it, flow with it & you could find something magical in the fog you’d otherwise had missed. Neptune is dancing with Mars. The Sun & Moon are making a square to that dance causing us to feel like we can’t quite connect to our motivations in the usual way. Let go of frustration & surrender to the mystical madness of this universal offering. Mercury has begun to move forward again today so we can reflect on this Retrograde cycle thru meditation &/or trance. If you’ve been doing Mercury Rx art projects- tonight would be a good night to lay them out & have a look at the collection. If you’ve been journaling with words take some time to reread the entries of the last few weeks...any themes? Take some time to look back at this whole year & then swing that reflection pendulum wide to imagine yourself at the Full Moon in Sag/New Moon in Gemini (it would be June 2019 by then) imagine your self there at the first hint of summer. What are you doing? What is your life like? What intentions can you set NOW that could help you arrive in that fantasy for realsies? Now is an excellent time to manifest the future you want using the power of creativity, pretend & imagination. Look at the themes of your Sag/Gemini house polarity. What specific seeds can you plant now knowing what you want to bloom there. This is the last New Moon of this calendar year, and, while a bit swirly, it’s also filled with joy, abundance & good fortune. Use it to call in the bounty you’ve earned with your good WeRK this year. You’re worthy of it babes. Celebrate with your favorite peeps, dance, fears & be merry- these are a few of Sagittarius’ favorite things. I love you so much! Reach out if you need help with your chart casting or Magic Mooning babes- I’m here for you!

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