Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Sagittarius. The idealist, philosopher, and traveler. These weathers could be mystical & magical for those who can surrender to the mist. Trying to get on a track or focus on a goal my bring some frustration & likely very little success. Imagination is key in this circus-like weather. We’re supposed to be having a whole lot of fun getting things done & whooptie-do, all the seasonal things!!! But... Mars is coming conjunct to Neptune so our biggest potential successes RN may come from our creative projects. Our fantasies & daydreams may be very present & clear. Trying to ignore them won’t be easy. I suggest laying back & enjoying the show as much as you can. Get some quality snacks & wait it out thru the weekend if you can. If you have to get projects done give your self some extra time & space. Ask for help from those who aren’t complaining of being cloudy & confused (there are some of these folks around somewhere...?). Mercury Rx is at a stop now & will begin to move forward tomorrow but this larger Mars Neptune transit will Square the New Moon shortly after that alignment is made so....yeah... that vibe can feel a bit confusing too. Maybe we’re learning not to take ourselves so seriously all the dang time?? When was the last time you danced around your house, wore a costume or played an imagination game? Think back to when you were 9. What was your favorite game then? Could you play it now? Spend some time with little you over the next few days- maybe little you has a message for your ‘now’ self? Your meditative powers may be amplified so take advantage. Look at your Sag & Pisces houses to see what kind of themes you may be called to shift your magic around during this lunation. Something calls for change there- figuring out what may take some serious divination or magical tools. Where can you level up the fantasy & fun in your life? Set those New Moon intentions now & add more FUN to the process. We aren’t meant to work all the time. Let your higher mind & intellect guide you; let your heart fill with child-like joy. Let me know how it goes by Friday when the Moon shifts in Capricorn & we (hopefully) get a bit of our Saturn go-getting-energy back. ♥️u

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