Moon In Scorpio. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Scorpio. The deepest part of the water we fear to know we share. (<Read that again) This moon went into the house of the scorpion around 1pm today. Last night it danced with Uranus, the planet of revolution; today it met with Venus, the planet of what we really value & call precious. IDK tho- today was ON FAST FORWARD FOR ME. All day was weird, surreal & impossible. The spirits were breaking things & Mercury Rx was in hyper drive. I suspect I was meant to notice important things (because I am always chiming in that YOU should) but I didn’t notice anything but how impossible it was to be at all today. I just sloshed around like a newbie at life. I had a weird head/eye ache. I know I’ll see it in my chart once I can focus my eyes again. Whew! How are you babes!? What was your day like? I think we’re in for some interesting downloads with this Moon in Scorpio. I found my self planning to watch a sad move so I could have a good cry. My Capricorn Moon sometimes needs that motivation. I guess I could also just watch the damn news. I don’t know babes. Scorpio is the sign where we’ve had some very harsh & startling growth over the last year. Maybe the Universe was just deflecting so we didn’t have to take it all in at once? All we’ve seen, heard, done, said, felt in the last year: It’s been a lot. We started a healing process but it’s far from over. I’m calling it the “physical therapy” part of the #metoo movement. We bandaged, stitched & scabbed over but now we must start learning to move around again. We must learn to engage & interact in this new skin. We know there is still so much to fix too. Validate the hardness of this time. Try to give your self & others some room to slosh around too. Just see if you can take it easy in the deep waters of Scorpio. Float. Breathe. Notice. Just Be. Goodness it IS a challenge in these weathers but it feels like resistance won’t WeRK well RN. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think I have the energy to ponder it much more after today. Let’s see how tomorrow feels when the Moon approaches Mercury Rx- perhaps that trickers has some answers for us as he slows down to stop this Rx nonsense this week. Either way, I love you!

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