Moon In Libra. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Libra. The strategist, the general, the partay planner extraordinaire. This Cardinal Air Sign may have had you starting the day with lots of plans! (I know I did but here it is 2:30pm & I’ve done nothing I planned to do!). It can be frustrating when we can’t do “ALL THE THINGS RN”- especially during a Cardinal Moon- but sometimes the stuckness or distraction IS the message. Check in to see if the Universe is trying to shift your path or point you a third way. Do not surrender to frustration- use it to empower you to do something FUN instead. Libra’s love fun. They are excellent party planners, motivators & hosts. This is an excellent time to do something that’s enjoyable for enjoyments sake. Check your Libra house for an area that might be itching for some sparkle & shine. Libra can struggle with self care- give yourself a healthy dose of this kind of love. Go on a sweet date with a special someone. Choose somewhere where you can talk & talk & talk. Dream up new ideas for more fun in the near future with your friends at a party- there are lots happening now cuz the Sag Sun loves a celebration. Mercury Rx has just entered Scorpio again so this might bring up some touchy subjects but that doesn’t mean you have to discuss them. This Moon can be passive AND aggressive so it’s ok to tell folks to change the subject. It’s also ok to excuse yourself if others can’t resist an argument. If you must hash out a thing remember that your feelings matter but they are NOT facts. An Air Moon may make us confuse the two. Don’t justify or explain your feelings- feel them. Don’t use your feelings as cold-hard data for a debate. Notice when you do that tho. This is a bad collective habit we all need to shift away from. It may feel a bit tense today but the lunar gift is likely a better understanding of how we can be more fair to each other. Practice listening more than talking- see if that helps ease your relationships (even the one with your SELF) back into balance. If everything seems hard(er) than usual I suggest taking a grand adventure that sparks your imagination. Sometimes we just need to go be silly & let our heads float up into the clouds. Love you babes.

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