Moon In Virgo. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Virgo. Health & wellbeing monitor. Keeper of the hearth flame. The divine feminine has gone thru an intense process over the last year. Mighty Jupiter exposed some atrocious behavior by both sides. This Moon may want us all to take an analytical look at how we’ve changed our feminine selves, especially looking at shifts that happened around 9/12 & 10/31 of this year. Now do the same process of investigation but this time consider how your masculinity has shifted. We are meant to honor & embody both sides of the divine...equally. Virgo wants health & wellness so this balance is key to that. There is a call to ritual, order & cleanliness in this Mutable Moonlight. The Last Quarter Moon calls us to evolve. It wants a decision- use what you learned about release during the Full Moon in Gemini & make sure you’ve cleansed fully. If there’s more to do, do it. You may find yourself standing in an intersection, facing tough choices for what’s next. Virgo is the keeper of the Woo. As much as those who embody this energy may try to keep that hidden-the truth at the magical crossroads may arrive for you now. The Earth calls for big change; she calls thru Venus & Uranus for a third & final time this year. Look at your Libra/Aries, Scorpio/Taurus house themes. Have you seen change in these areas? Your values may have morphed so much in the last two 1/2 months that you don’t recognize them now. If you feel deeply confused & torn between two opposing forces don’t fret- that’s likely this transit helping you get back on purpose. Use divination to help you answer your queries. If you don’t have a magical practice look at the themes of your Virgo house to see if that helps you find one that might work best for you- or- reach out to ask for help. I am happy to offer suggestions. Generally Virgo energy responds well to tangible divination- cards, dice, runes. Things with symbols or words are preferred because of the Mercury rulership of this sign. Beginning to trust the magic you inside is key. If this Moon cycle or phase brings you tension reach out, let’s look at your Virgo. Let’s see how it can help you reorganize & balance your +|- energies. You ARE magic babes. Love you

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