Moon In Leo. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Leo. The beating heart, the golden light, the dramatic story arc. Now, dance. This Moon may invite us to step out of the vibes of the last few weeks with a flash & some flare. Do up your hair, strap on something sparkly & do something F-U-N!!! You may need to grab your favorite folks by the scruff to get them to join you. Be gentle but firm because we’ve all been kinda raw & recovering. Don’t give up. The lioness knows how to bring the jump & the joy back to the people. Allow her to bring the beat back. Some of us may have developed a strong Radical Self Care practice over the last year. Some may have a bit more work to do. Let this Moon show you what you may need to do to stoke your heart’s fire. How can you shine your heart light brighter? Leo is bold, brave & brilliant but watch for her shadows of swollen pride, ego & attention seeking. Look back at your past Leo Moons to see what patterns this Fixed Fire Moon brings. Check your Leo house to see what areas of life may be calling for more fun. If others get a bit over the top let them have their 15 minutes if you can. Try to remember that the purpose of this Sun sign is to entertain, bring joy & warm the heart. If you have a Leo friend, let them drag you out. A little adventure & exploration is a requirement for this season. I know there’s a lot of hard stuff RN but your human heart needs fun & joy to remember what it’s working for. Reach out if you have questions. Love you baby kittens. Be brave, be bold.

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