Moon In Cancer. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Cancer. The belly, our instincts, & the home of the ancestors. Where we find nourishment & safety. Where we care deeply for, well, everything. Cancer is the domicile of the Moon & all the feels. This Moon may bring you important previews of what the next year might bring, especially around letting go & moving towards a thing that’s equally good for you & scaryAF. It might be time to commit to that thing- or at least to see it & acknowledge that your aware of the WeRK ahead. It’s ok to be afraid- that’s how we know when we’re being brave. If you’re willing to make a big shift this Moon is likely to assist you in that change of values. What mattered to you this time last year may seem so far away now, maybe even laughable. Notice that change. When we don’t get what we want there is usually a reason. Check your Cancer & Capricorn Houses for what night need to be changed in a big way. How does this shift make you feel? Can you stand up to fear & embrace bravery? If not ask yourself if you can ask for help. Do you have kin, clan or community that will support you? If not this year might be all about building THAT structure first. Get a foundation set before you attempt to activate a risky plan or epic change. Examine that new structure weekly when the Moon is in Libra, Cap, Aries & Cancer. The patterns here are prolly important babes. Feelings matter. Validate them even if they seem to derail you from your mission. They are messages & this Moon is extra with the feels. Don’t be afraid to swim in your emotions. You’re worthy of that time. Resist the shadow Cancer habit of stuffing feels or prioritizing the feels of others over yours. Take some time to swim out in your own ocean of emotion little 🦀. Collect the messages that are just for you- there will be time to power thru- only now you’ll be using the info you gather. You’ll get a lot more done when you’re fully equipped with all your tools. If you need to rest- then do it. Have some soup & wait for this to pass. The cycle is your dear friend, bbs & crying is an act of bravery- don’t forget. I love you boo.

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