Moon In Gemini. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Gemini. The debater, the puzzle solver, the great communicator of the zodiac will be lit up by the Moon and seen by the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury Retrograde. So much to say darlings, what are you gonna express? Don’t take this Moon too seriously. It likes fun & playfulness. We’ve had a huge helping of serious over the last year. Now it’s time to return to the brainstorming & the idea making. Innovate solutions using new systems or plans. The best way to make them may be thru some intense & intricate conversations. They may be hard to start & challenging to maintain but they are required to move to the next level. This holiday weekend may bring us ample opportunities to discuss all the things we’d prefer to avoid. I encourage you to listen (not a Gemini trait unfortunately, but try). Let others be the Gemini, those who don’t know the energies like you do. Listen. Listen to hear them. Try to avoid debate, argument or disagreement. Just listen to their points and see if you can let Mercury Rx process them. Our brains are operating in a different way right now. Open up to this strange processing and see what this Moon wants to let you know. Let it show you what to release during the Full Moon tonight at 9:39pm PST. Check your Gemini house for where you may have something important to discover & express. No matter what find some time for fun this weekend! Love you & happiest of holiDAZE to you and yours!

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