Full Moon in Gemini 2018

Visit my Instagram to see the video for the Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon in Gemini. 0° Look at your Gemini house to see what you may need to express. Take notes about what you’ve been thru & what you’re grateful for. Hold your heart in your hands and really look at the intricacies of your feelings & emotions. Dissect what needs to leave now & prepare to let that go. This Moon can bring a bit of ease for shedding because it has the logic of air. Of course the shadow of this sign is a flighty shifty flip flopping energy that changes it’s mind quickly & often. Please share your questions if you have any... please enjoy your festivities with family too. Never forget the origins of this US Holiday tho. Hold that information out in front, lift that truth up too. See if you can integrate that truth, those facts, into your celebrations in a new way. Can you let go of the old stories? Perhaps there is some release we can collectively do; perhaps it can bring us to greater collective healing too. Love you babes.

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