Moon In Taurus. Scorpio Season 2018

Moon in Taurus. The resource, the keeper & collector of objects. This is a Moon transit we’ve been watching closely because it comes conjunct Uranus each time this shift occurs. We can look back at these transits and see if there are any patterns forming here. Maybe there is a complete absence of patterns? Uranus likes a bit of surprise & mayhem. It disrupts, jolts & revolts. For me I had extensive technology problems. This is expected during a Mercury Rx cycle but it was seriously weird today. Did you have any weird electric or technological surprises or disconnects today? I also broke a piece of my favorite pottery & the loss brought me many thinks about letting go of “things” (see: nostalgia, commercialism, consumerism, etc.) Venus is now direct so this Moon may put you in the mood for shopping- tis the season...but don’t over do it. Consider the gifts that keep on giving. Look at your Taurus house to see where this Moon might have gifts for you. Try to remember that if you lose one thing it could just be making room for something new... feel your feelings about that loss but LEARN what your WeRK is thru that loss if you can. Reach out if you have questions about your Taurus self. I love you little moos! Be brave. Rest when you can and definitely eat it, whatever it is, this Moon needs a bite of it!!

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