Moon In Aries. Scorpio Season 2018

Moon in Aries. The initiator, the warrior for vulnerable, the beginning of the story. It’s possible you’ve felt a bit swirly- whirly the last few days. With the Moon in Pisces we can sometimes enter dreamland but this trip was especially wonderland-like because of the Mercury Retrograde station on Friday that was square to Neptune. Being late, getting lost, many distractions- all were possible. I do hope you surrendered to this call for rest & creativity...? This may have been needed because we’re entering the Aries vibe now. The rage of survival lives here. Watch where you’re called into a boxing ring over the next two days. You’re likely tender & raw from the Jupiter shift out of Scorpio. This Moon also came into conjunction with Chiron early this morning. We’ve been thru so much. It’s ok at admit that we’re sore & tired. Don’t jump into that ring unprepared. A fight requires training, strategy & stamina. Aries is impatient, impulsive & sometimes reactionary. When we leap before we look we sometimes get injured. The upside to ♈️ energy is courage. We may find we CAN now do the thing we’ve been hiding from or uncertain how to start. Just watch for being called to do ALL THE THINGS. The vibe to do too much RN is real because of the Moon trine to Jupiter. We could be called into action around protecting the weak & vulnerable. This is an excellent time to think about donating to a charitable cause or better yet; actually volunteer for one. There are so many good options these days. Make sure you bite off a reasonable amount here tho babes. Being completely exhausted is NOT a sign you’re doing it right. We need to cancel the mindset: “I’m so busy” it’s a disease. Be more like a boxer. Train hard, eat right, REST, strategize & come out with the intention to WIN (but the stamina to know you could lose & the fight is still worth doing). Look at your Aries house. What planets are you housing there? Write out all the keywords for your Natal Aries placements to see if you can create a battle call that’s unique to you. Where were you made to fight & protect? How were you built to initiate & activate? Try to find some activities that fit with that sentence this week. 🔥 ❤

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