Moon in Pisces. Scorpio Season 2018

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Moon in Pisces. The great collective, everything & nothing, the mist. The transits accompanying this Moon could cause a bit confusion, distraction & serious day dreamin’. Check your Pisces house for more info about how & where you could be getting a bit swirly now. It’s a good night to get out your dream journals. Not a dreamer? Plan for some guided meditations this weekend. Chances are good that divination will bring you the answers to your most pressing questions. If you have a big project that needs a lot of attention & focus you may want to wait until Sunday to get started on them -OR- If you can wait until late December to start, that’s be even better. The Mercury Retrograde activates this weekend too so expect delays = feel prepared. There are a lot of Pisces vibes RN babes. It’s making it hard to even write this post. I say go ahead & skip it all- don’t try to make big plans. Go with the flow. Wander around looking for unicorns. Do a craft for no good reason. Lay on the couch & watch TV. It’s ok to let the Pisces vibes swirl you away for a few days- it might be the best & only way to get thru these strange weathers. We can get back to the business of consuming & commercializing bright & early Monday (or not!). We could also download a great deal of new, idealistic ideas about creating a new utopian society that lives & protects all the beings. You chose whichever works best for you. Just try to use your dreams as a guide for all your actions and you’ll chose well. Love you babes.

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