Mars Enters Pisces 2018

Mars entered Pisces... I don’t know what I was getting at with this art work but it’s how I feel about this transit so, 🤪. Get ready to activate your dreams knowing you might get distracted but not derailed by all the things; Go with the flow. Value your creativity & fanciful ideas. It’s ok to be an idealist at least half the day. This transit may want to do some ecstatic dance, play dress up (role play 🤷🏻‍♀️) or make a new kind of art. Pisces is everything so be ready for something unexpected to come thru in dreams, mediations or studies. We want to connect thru our higher minds as the Sun approaches Sag next week anyway so take that deep, mystical path and see what kind of new lands you discover. I love you unicorn rainbow babes! 💋

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