Moon In Aquarius. Scorpio Season 2018

Moon in Aquarius. Keeping sh*t weird y’all, that’s the key to these weathers. We’re all a bunch of naked mole rats in the end. Inside we’re the same machines but for some reason we’re called to create a unique identity & a strong sense of self on the outside. We are one collective energy and millions of tiny universes trying to share this blue ball that’s hurling thru space. Take a big breath babes. Keep doing that this week: in|out. You’re gonna need all that brisk air to stay focused. You may be asked for your best alternative solution. Ingenuity might be the best tool for this week’s WeRK. You may be sharply asked to stop doing things the way you’ve always done them. You may want to review all the struggles to move, act, grow & initiate we’ve been stuck in since late April. Review them in order to harvest what you learned from that stuckness. It sucks to be held back from your desires. Sometimes the Universe protects you from what you want. Notice how not getting those things has altered your path. Do you still value what you thought you wanted? Has this process changed what you believe about passion or your heart’s desire? It may get easier to grind your tools & activate your plans but today’s weathers invite you to do it with temperance. Remember that rushing ahead, convenience & consumption are some of our worst human qualities. Being a warrior for creativity, new paths & individuality WITHIN a safe collective is the Aquarius way of solving problems & forging ahead. Activate a new way of moving forward that surprises even you & chances are better that you’ll finally see some movement in the direction that meant just for you. Look at your Aquarius house & planet themes. Play with those collective keywords to see if they create a sentence that fits you. See if it creates a sentence that describes something you resist because it’s too weird for you. Move into weirdness during these two days because you deserve to fly your freak flag- even if it’s only for 48 hours. It’ll give you a chance to see why it’s so important that we allow everyone the space to do the same. I love you strange creatures. Be brave this week. Reach out if you have AstroQ’s! 👽 👾 🌙

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