Moon in Capricorn. Scorpio Season 2018

Moon in Capricorn. Integrity is key with the Sea Goat. The Sag Moon had us surprisingly raw. We’ve been thru some serious upheaval & we’re tender AF. All that joyful benefic energy at once may have made us feel guilty cuz there is still so much to fucking do. Don’t fear babes. We’re moving into a new energetic. That’s hard for habitual humans. We want security & structure. Conflictingly we want adventure too. Tonight’s transits will call for a more logical kind of change: what’s for the good of the whole. We’re so used to unpleasant shocks now that the potentials for more don’t really worry us. This Moon says bring it on. Capricorn is great in a crisis. It’s a leader, boss bitch & powerful guide. The Sun & Pluto are sextiling today- ask for a responsible use of power. As we move into Capricorn we are encouraged to wield our power within the cardinal rules of magic. Do no harm. As above, so below. What you send out comes back to you times three. We’ve been victimized & terrorized. Our instinct is to return the attack. In Scorpio that was likely the required response. In Sag there’s a call to use our mind AND spirit in tandem first. Each cycle of Capricorn over the next year will include the following three transits: conjunctions w/ Saturn, Pluto & the South Node. We are rebuilding something massive babes. We cannot do that in a revenge, retaliation & rage-filled mindset. We must confront the Power Over Structure with a hope for healing. It’s much harder to respond in a loving way to all this hate, I know. But hate breeds hate. Each month this Moon cycle will increase it’s need to become the great leader we so desperately need. It will request we all work harder to be that leader, teacher, parent figure for the good of all. Notice where gentleness & kindness might be the actual tools for this rough job babes. We are climbing out of the primordial ooze & into our higher minds again. Let Cap be the builder it is; let it grant us the grit we need to press on in a new way. Check your Cap house for where you might be called to lead|build in this next year. Notice what’s hard cuz THAT is prolly your WeRK for the next year. Be brave in your bones babes. 🖤u!

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