Moon in Sagittarius. Scorpio Season 2018

Moon in Sagittarius. 11|8|18 10:59a PST. Moon Conjunct Jupiter 11:06a PST. Yahoooooooo! It’s Thursday! Jupiter’s Day! What fun will you have? What adventure will you step into? It might be advisable to make a safety plan if you’re gonna consume intoxicating substances... hire a pro to pick you up! Watch out for a total loss of inhibitions but also GO HAVE FUN! We’ve earned it babes. We did a hard thing. We did some big WeRK on some very old, deep wounds. Sag wants to go higher, to rise up above it all so it can look down & take in the wholeness of a thing. It’s totally into the big picture. Jupiter is at home here so it will want to kick off the dark cloak it’s been wearing for the last year & find a bit of wild mischief. The Moon could bring some feelings of overwhelm so remember to notice WHY you’re feeling anything but good. We just learned many-a-lesson about digging deep & looking @ roots. Don’t forget that skill, even at a party. Talk about the why. Explore the root structure in this new light. If you can’t head out for a shindig it can also feel good to plan one! Look at the calendar & decide when adventure will fit into your plans OR do simple things like try some new foods, sign up for an exciting new class or workshop, buy a book about far away places, tour a neighborhood near you. You don’t need a trip to Spain to satisfy a Sag (tho Jupiter might try to make you think as much!) watch for overindulgences that will bring you stress later. You CAN be a wild Earthling & a reasonable person at the same time. If you feel out of control reach out to a friend. Sag enjoys chatting about deeper things so don’t be afraid to share your quirky thoughts & insights. Dance around your house until you can’t stop laughing. Sag rules the thighs so this Moon will appreciate some leg movement. As we approach Capricorn you might enjoy a brisk hike- plan one for this weekend & ‘snap’ you’re Magic Mooning you way thru life! Check your Sag house for more details on your Sag WeRK. Your Natal Planets here will also flavor this. Add their keywords into your vocab & notice when those themes pop up. Those are messages just for YOU! Reach out if you need help finding your Astro!

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