Jupiter in Sagittarius. Scorpio Season 2018

Jupiter enters Sagittarius. 4:38am PST 11/8/18. What a ride it’s been having the planet of excess & exposure in Scorpio, the sign of what’s hidden underneath. We’ve done some digging in the dirty dirt for a cycle now it’s time for Jupiter to return to it’s mutable home sign of Sag. It’s time to think on what we’ve discovered. It’s time to grow a new philosophy around all we’ve unearthed. It’s time to consider how to rise up, up, and out from this place we’ve now found us in. Are you ready for a shift? #metooThere is a call to contemplate a wild future where we don’t have boxes, only clear hexagons & crystal dodecahedrons...which are actually doorways thru to the great mystery. We must find laughter & joy in our uniqueness. We must step forward into the temple where the divine feminine AND the divine masculine are held on high. We must open our hearts, minds & spirits; to be reminded of what makes humans great- our ability to ponder & speak. We must expand out of our nostalgia & begin a new quest, a study, a practice, a conversation. We must begin again from a place of truth. The potential for over-Jupitering this Jupiter transit is really real tho babes. Make sure you have a tether to your grounding cord at all times. Notice when you’re getting too wild. Check in. Jupiter is a gift but remember what they say about the gift horse? Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Moderation will be a good keyword- especially if your Sag house is busy. But please don’t fear fun either. We’ve had a hard year babes. We did big healing WeRK. We deserve to let loose- it reminds us why we fight. Go dance. I love you silly ponies. May you run forever free babes! 🐎 ♥️💋

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