New Moon in Scorpio 2018

Visit Instagram to see the video for this New Moon in Scorpio.

Happy New Moon in Scorpio @ 15° Sending you love. Sending you blessings to your intentions for this powerful New Moon! Yay ♏️🌚! This month has many (many!) important transits. We are turning a corner babes. I believe last night gave us some proof of that. We didn’t win every battle but we did change the tides of the war enough to be proud. We have a lot more work ahead so be sure you give notice to that WeRK in your invocations today! Note that healing the divine feminine without injuring the divine masculine is careful & powerful WeRK. Magic is calling us all forward to address the collective traumas & to heal the way for the defendants. I suggest you also keep our mother, Gaia, the Earth Spirits, the Land Spirits & the Animal Spirits in your intentions today too. We must allow healing to begin here too. We must make promises & commitments to do the WeRK required to repair & protect our collective damage to THIS planet, our only home. Scorpio is the Underworld, the Dark part of the cycle, the underneath. Here is where we can compost, recycle & become reborn. This is a place we’ve shunned & rejected. Today we can reclaim this birth right & walk into the darkness unafraid & ready to let go of our fear of the unknown. Trusting that the Scorpion will always guide us truly & faithfully back out into the light again. Reach out if you need support today babes. We need to remember that it’s ok to need each other. I love you. I love you so, so much.

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