Uranus Retrogrades into Aries for the last time in this cycle.

Uranus Retrogrades back into Aries today babes. We were in that identity focused space from 2010-2018. Today is a good day to look back on HOW FAR WE HAVE COME on identity shifts. What is gender? Race? Religion? Career? How do we make and take place in society’s boxes? Why did we create them and why do we still feel we need them? What is nativism, nationalism & nostalgia? Who are you? Who are they? Take time to look back at the news around identity politics over the last eight years. How have you changed? Look at your Aries house & see how your identity is reflected in those themes. Have you changed in those areas of your life? Look at your friends & loved ones Aries placements. Have they shifted too. Change is growth. Growing pains suck. But, they are how we live within our potentials & purpose. We’re all getting another chance to look at this area of life, until early March 2019 to be exact. Take time to check the mirror & notice your growth. See what still needs to be shaken up or deviated from. Uranus doesn’t love rules, restrictions or regulations. It seeks freedom & revolution. Check to see if you have planets at 27-29° Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra. If so, you may have bigger WeRK to do. Look at those planets keywords to see if they have additional messages for you. Not sure how to do any of this? Check out my website for the RESOURCES page. Send me a message if you’re really confused. Book a reading if you’re ready to drill down deeper. My last post about the Scorpio Moon also offers insight into this transit. Change is healthy my darlings. Sometimes it’s better to lean into than to tense up. Reach out if you need support. Take time to notice what gives you a jolt or a zing. You’re worthy of the time & energy it takes to become all you are meant to be. Love you!

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