Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio Season 2018

Moon in Scorpio. The cycle of birth, death, rebirth lives here, this sign IS the underworld. If you’re tracking the Moon with me you may begin to feel more at home here. If you’re new to my work you may be relieved to know that this Moon is likely what’s been bringing you your deepest, darkest WeRK the last year. Watch Scorpio 🌕carefully & note: there’s value in the dark parts of a cycle. We must embrace what’s underneath- these weathers will prolly show us the whole “secrets” closet over the next few years (w/ Uranus moving thru Taurus again in March 2019 after it dips back into Aries today for four months of review there). As we prepare for the New Moon tomorrow, the Universe has offered us a chance to reflect on a full year of Scorpio Moons. The last year has been about exploring & expanding your 🦂 house. Look at those house themes today. See if you can find patterns that need to be fully seen. Jupiter will exit Scorpio for good on Thursday so using this New Moon to set epic intentions for the next annual cycle is recommended. What are the themes in your Sagittarius house? This could be the beginning of an important quest. Leave room in your 🌚 intentions for: learning new things, taking wild adventures & expanding your spirit. There are several big transits this week, take comfort in their potential to move us all to a whole new place. Notice the subtle (or not) messages & signs that come thru, swim out into your feelings babes. They matter. Then, Jupiter & the Moon will move into Sagittarius together on Thursday. Take it easy on the indulgences. Notice if you’re called to do big things. Make sure you have your safety gear triple checked before you jump, but jump if you can, cuz every good quest has surprises & risks. You’ll have a year to take this journey- resist the rush. Note that the next few hours offer a manic potential tho babes. Seek a calm, centering energy if you start to feel spun out today (you may have felt this way yesterday too). It should pass with deep breathing & remembering that these big weathers are here now. What are these sped up feels trying to say to you? Find a quiet place to LOOK at them, examine them. They are important.

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