Moon In Libra. Scorpio Season 2018

Moon in Libra (exact 11/4 2:01am PST). Harmony & relationship is key. A new quest is beginning. The road ahead curves into a blind corner. The last year has given tools & skills to navigate it. Libra’s a planner & a strategizer. This Cardinal Air sign is capable managing intricate productions. This Moon is a great time to gather all the key info from the last 12 months. While the Moon's WeRK is usually a micro vibe that draws down our specific feels -I encourage you to broaded your reflection a bit RN. Look back at the last year in search of the resources you’ll need. There will be a big call for ingenuity in the coming week. It’s time to set larger intentions. The Lunar Nodes will enter Cancer/Cap, Uranus with dip back into Aries, with a New Moon in Scorpio & Jupiter shifts to Sagittarius. Chances are we’ll turn a corner to end up in a very new place by this time next week. It’s very timely with the elections, Mmm? We must move forward. If you’ve been working with me now is the time to look back thru your moon journals & notes. Take a deeper look at your Scorpio/Taurus Moon themes. These houses gave you many lessons in the last year. What were they? Can you use these tools now? Do they still need more polishing? How are you planning to sharpen them? Look at your Sagittarius House Themes. In what ways can these tools & skills be helpful in your Sag WeRK? What planets do you have in Sag? These house & planet themes will be expanded & explored deeply in the next year. Preparation for this work will give you a big edge going forward. Take a look at your Aries house too. You may see some shifts in your Aries themes over the next four months. Things you thought were DONE may be back for a triple check. Don’t shy away from this work. Face it like the brave warrior you are. This will be magnified if you have planets between 29-27º of Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer. Ask your Q’s here. Schedule a reading if you’re overwhelmed. My Nov/Dec sessions are open now. It’ll be an intense week babes. Remember that balance is NOT a destination; it IS the point of living THIS life. Embrace the WeRK you’re given. You’re worthy of being here & you can DO this. I love you!

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