Moon In Virgo. Scorpio Season 2018

Moon in Virgo. To be in service to others. That’s this Moon’s Earthly purpose. To heal, clean, organize. Capable of making discernments rather than judgements- it gets stuck in harsh criticism when it’s shadowy. During tonight’s/tomorrow’s cycle the Virgo Moon wants to know, would YOU open your home to a refugee? What about an “illegal alien”? What if that human being was a big, strong man? Would you want to “vet” him first: even if there really was no way to do so? Would you take the time to hear of his journey? His pain? His hope? Would you offer him refuge & healing? RN there is a cosmic tension between what we think we know is true & what we feel is the truth. This is especially true in regards to ingrained beliefs & prejudicial patterns. This Moon calls out, “Do no harm!”. Will it fall on deaf ears? Will others be able to analyze current events using a balanced process of thoughts AND feelings? Will it make harsh judgements instead? Will it hide from the unknown while others suffer? Will it have big words & no action OR will the hard working Virgo arrive to save us? What will it save us from? Are we protecting or reacting? This Moon seeks a SAFE HOUSE for everyone. It seeks to release old patterns that harm us to our core. We are all a human family. It’s time to speak to each other. Start by voting. Move to action. Begin a conversation. We all deserve a better life than our ancestors had. They are watching us with the veil so thin. Look at your Virgo house for clues to how you can be in service to others over the two days. Your magic needs to exit the Woo closet. It’s time to cast your unique & healing spells. Send them to a caravan, to a bombed out city, to a synagogue riddled with bullets, AND to your neighbors. (Have you met your neighbors? Why don’t you start there babes.) I love you so f*cking much it hurts. Be well, be blessed- you’re worthy. 💋

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