Moon in Cancer. Scorpio Season 2018

Moon in Cancer. Nourishment, home, ancestors. Feed your spirits with some comfort food & creativity during this Moon if you can my darlings. Cancer Moons often have a pension for crafts, cooking & cozy homes. This is a good time to focus on the domestic life. The past & ancestral vibes may also appear, especially as the veils grow thinner now that Samhain is close. You may also have a calling for more family time. Follow any whispers that lead to a cozy, peaceful place. This Moon makes a trine to all the current Scorpio action AND Neptune in Pisces -so_ over the next two days all the feels will arrive but it may take some intentional effort to really do anything useful with them. I recommend taking some time to just be with them. Remember that soup we made during the Taurus Full Moon? Well, this is another invite to make some stew. Let the emotions that come to you take up some space in your day. Consider their potential & purpose carefully- the crab has derailed pinchers for examinations. If these feels seem to have a curious flavor go ahead & toss them in the pot. We’ve released A LOT the last few days. We’re heading for the middle point between Full & New Moons so it’s time to reevaluate that moon magic. What newness will you put in the space you created by letting go? Perhaps this soup will be the base for those new intentions! Look at your Cancer house themes for areas in life where you might have a need for a sturdy broth to invigorate you. Share some soup with your ancestors or invite over your chosen family for a cup. Chances are you’re creating a new recipe that could become the traditional meal you’re known for 100 years from now- maybe it’s just soup that nourishes the bodies of today- either way your belly will thank you for the delicious meal. I love you little crabs- ear well AND if you craft feel free to share pics of your latest & greatest! 💋🦀

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