Moon in Gemini. Scorpio Season 2018

Moon in Gemini. Facts aren’t feelings but feelings can be invoked by facts & that often changes our decisions, reactions, & ideas. As we move further & further into a world that’s so instantly connected & highly charged with hyperbole we struggle to operate ethically, morally or justly. We don’t know what is truth & what is just true RN. It’s becoming harder & harder to find the time & energy to process all the information that streams by every second. This Moon arrives in Gemini just after it bumps Juno, the asteroid goddess traditionally associated with marriage & sacred ceremony (yawns). In modern times the call to make a legal vow is being redefined & I find Juno wanting wanting her story rewritten also. One of my teachers called her the ruler of emergent properties & I loved it so much that Juno is now one of my favorite cosmic influencers. She is the center of the Venn diagram, where all the parts become the sum. She shows us how two different or opposing forces can merge to create a completely unexpected new thang. She asks us to try “it” without acting as if we already know what will occur. She’s now retrograde in Gemini, dipping back into Taurus. When the Moon conjuncts her it draws down her desire for a new merger. How can you merge your feelings & your facts to create a whole new perspective? How can you combine your Gemini tools & WeRK into a useful force? We need to allow logic & emotion to coexist. We need to let men be sad & women be bossy. We need to stop seeing everyone as boxes, codes & statistics. We need to trust that we can be safe as individuals IN collectives. Look to your Gemini house for where you might use alchemy for a genius idea or solution. Can you make unexpected changes by merging two of your seemingly opposite talents or ideas? Where are your feelings coming from: Facts or false news? If you’re feeling confused or frustrated is there a strange potion you can create to bring forward a solution? It’s possible you’ll find that solution thru engaging another...this sign loves to communicate so try chatting away with a new friend to see if they are your missing ingredient. Make magic my darlings- cuz magic made you! I ❤️u!

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