Moon in Taurus. Scorpio Season 2018

Moon in Taurus. This transit has been bringing us pretty powerful messages since May. It will quickly go into its exact Full Moon phase at 9:45am. A Taurus Moon under the average weathers is often sweet, sensual & interested in cake (or simply eating). It enjoys the good things, the luxuries. It usually wants a cuddle & a nap. This Moon is different because it will have a lot of big transits vibe thru over the next 48-54 hours. Now is the time to review your Taurus Moon notes from the last few months. What’s been up for you when the Moon is here? It wouldn’t hurt to look at your Scorpio Moon notes either. This polarity will be activated during this Moon because the Sun slipped into this sign yesterday. The Full Moon happens because the Sun & Moon are opposite (in opposition to) each other. We may see a push/pull feeling between the themes of our Taurus/Scorpio houses. If you have planets between 0°-8° of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo chances are good those house & planet themes may bang a drum to get your attention also. Write you Full Moon Releases down after careful & clear processing babes. Reflect on your past notes. If you’re new to this process watching the Moon is the purpose of my WeRK here. The intention is for you to use a journal or notebook to track how each Moon (either phase, zodiacal sign, or element) impacts you. If you keep simple notes for those cycles you can find patterns & themes that often match up with your Natal Chart. When we have larger phases or cycles like this incoming Moon we can go back and look at those patterns. These cycles bring us validation for how & what we feel but they also offer a chance for preparation and/or remediation for vibes we may not want. They can assist us in making the changes we want to because they show us our emotional highs & lows (so don’t forget to write down your good days!). Notice that this intense Taurus Moon may bring you some surprising gifts. You may not be able to predict what they’ll be but try to stay open to the possibility that they are meant to be awesome & just for you. I’ll cover more of that in the Full Moon post. For now, settle. Stay cozy if you can...more to come!

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