Full Moon in Taurus. Scorpio Season 2018

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Full Moon in Taurus. What is most valuable, worthy & sweet? Moon Ritual Suggestion: If I had to give you one key phrase for this Moon it would be: POUR IT OUT. Now is your chance to put all the pain, fear, blood, tears along with the truth you've unearthed since May into the cauldron. Mix it in, stir it well. Let it cook down into the best, magical potion for healing that you can make. Let it be for all the people, all the animals, & the Earth herself. You can take this as advice for a mediation, you can simply visualize it or you can LITERALLY make a magical soup. Either way you're going to take the potion you create & POUR IT OUT. Let it flow into the ground, the rivers, the aquifers, the lakes. Let it become part of the foggy mist. Let the weather system suck it up & spread it into the atmosphere. It can reach every soul on this blue ball via the wind. Visualize that happening as you pour & you'll be part of a collective that is also doing this healing work. Share this advice with others so they can join in the collective pouring out. Don't fear the scary change that's being predicted babes. We may not get to keep all the things we really want but it's likely we will all be better for the changes that come. Please reach out if you're really uncomfortable. I can offer you more information. YOU must be willing to do the preparation & remediation tho- no one can make it go away. Only you can control your reactions to change. We’ve hidden from the stark truths too long & now we must SEE them. There is no easy answer to this- there is only the cycle, the WeRK & the messages. It doesn’t end & we shouldn’t want it to. Instead we should work on acceptance & surrender because we do have a purpose here. Each of us is valuable & needed here. As you make your release offerings to the Full Moon in Taurus remember: You’re an important part of this time. You here to do something important, your WeRK matters. If you struggle to believe that this Moon can show you what your true value is. This Moon can shine both the luminary lights on your resources, assets & gifts- your job is to RELEASE what’s blocking you from seeing & being them. I believe in you my loves! 🐮 💋

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