Scorpio Season 2018

Scorpio Sun

Welcome Scorpio Season! The Sun has Moved into Scorpio & is now in exact Opposition with Uranus in Taurus. The Full Moon, also in Taurus tomorrow, will engage in this opposition on 10/24/18 @ 9:45am. We may see huge changes all around us because these are two big transits for the world at large. We will feel... A LOT. It might be hard to focus on the personal shifts unless you ground yourself deeply into the Earth & NOTICE what's up for you. THIS Is why I've been asking you to pay extra careful attention to what happens to YOU when the Moon moves into either Scorpio or Taurus. Look back at your notes during these two Moon cycles over the last few months. These themes may POP up again- but bigger because now the Sun is also here. You may see epic shifts in these house themes over the next 28 days. They may not be what you predict but their likely for your benefit. You may have the opportunity to let go of something that isn't meant for you. Hold space for what really matters to you & what you can release to the Full Moon. Consider your Moon Magic carefully: you don't want to be unclear with this Full Moon babes. The Sun is our collective ego, the life force, the oneness. In Scorpio it shines its bright light on our deep, dark WeRK. We’ve been focused on this deep water WeRK for the last year because Jupiter has been opening every collective closet we have. We’ve exposed some seriously dark shit in the last year. Now the Sun (&Venus Rx, Mercury AND Jupiter) are sharing this sign’s domain. These are all the sweet & neutral planets- unlike Mars or Saturn who have a more harsh vibe when they WeRK. There may be some shocking realizations in the season of the Scorpion but chances are it will all be for our collective benefit. It will be for our growth much in the same way our rotting garbage can become the most fertile soil you’ve ever seen. Compost your pain. Pour out your feels. Churn your potions. Let the Magic of Scorpio recycle & cleanse all we’ve been thru. Let the Sun shine it’s light & guide us thru what’s left of our Scorpio healing. I love you babes. Reach out here if you have questions. Book a reading if you need support. I love you soooo much. 🦂★

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