Moon in Scorpio. Libra Season 2018

Hey babes. How are YOU? We’re in some steamy water now that we have Jupiter, Venus (Rx), Mercury & the Moon in Scorpio. It would be dreamier if it wasn’t all square to Mars and in opposition to Uranus too. It’s intense and I want to validate that. While you’re processing all the feels over the next 48 hours I wanted to offer a few suggestions/reminders: 1. It’s ok to NOT engage in arguments with the dudes right now. We don’t owe them attention & their WeRK, while valid, isn’t our WeRK. They may keep poking & pushing. Picture a tired toddler & walk away in love. (Or block them for a while online) All you can control is your responses. Also, Dudes, if you’re reading this- it’s ok to be quiet & listen. We know you feel entitled (and almost obligated) to share your perspectives but for how I invite you to swim out into the water, float around & think privately about your WeRK. Even if you feel like what you have to say is supportive it’s ok to just let women talk to each other. The only time you should get riled up is to tell another man to STFU. (We thank you for that but you may never get an actual THANK YOU for that. Do it without needing to be seen for it or don’t do it.) 2. It’s rough, it’s dirty, it’s so, so hard right now. We have all our personal feels AND all the feels of the world around us at the same time! It’s Scorpio water! Fixed, hot, & bloody. This is amniotic fluid. So magical & generative so chaotic & dangerous. We need to remember that gestating & generating change is painful, awkward, uncomfortable WeRK. We have to be diligent with our health, rest, protective practices & powers. We’re preparing to deliver a whole new way of living to the world. THINGS ARE CHANGING. Don’t forget the progress we have made. Just because the last week feels like a loss doesn’t mean it is. In FACT it’s a win. More people are talking about the more subtle types of sexual harassment, reporting, evidence, & memory than ever before. The “what happens in dude land stays in dude land” is being exposed now. We are talking AND listening. Big shifts are coming and just like pregnancy we have to wait patiently until the babe decides it’s time. 3. Think about compost whenever you’re getting too low. What can you let go of in order to generate space & nutrients for something better? That is Scorpio WeRK. Go as deep as you can. 4. If you’re overwhelmed ask for help. I know that’s hard. (I KNOW IT IS!!) But we must get better at it in order to model it to those who we want to also do it. (See: our young people) 5. Write, journal, make art, sing songs. COMMUNICATE IN NEW WAYS. We have hidden things to express and they may not be fully accessible in our usual ways. I recommend taking a class or joining a group in order to explore new ways to pour the poison inside each of us OUT. Sometimes that’s how we find the antidote. That’s what the arts are for. Please check your Scorpio, Taurus & Aquarius Houses for themes that may come up intensely over the next few weeks. If you’re seeing repeating themes take note. Two Retrogrades that overlap there degrees will do this in a big way. Also: your ex (lover, friend or family member) may pop up. Take any interaction there cautiously. It will be hard to tell if they’ve really changed or if they are just in the Venus Retrograde cycle unawares. Wait to fully reconnect until mid December or later. If they are still there then chances are better it’s a really shift. Patience is key babes!!! Love you so much!! !

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