Moon in Pisces. Libra Season 2018

Moon in Pisces. Everything. Just every-fucking-thing. We may find ourselves looking for ways to activate our ideas to bring more justice RN, especially as the Sun prepares to leave Libra. We may’ve also found ourselves exhausted, depleted & hopeless. Before you surrender to the collective feels I invite you to consider the Pisces way. This sign is the collective. At home behind the veil & in the land of dreams it’s the cosmic soup that actually unites us: The amniotic fluid, the primordial ooze. This Moon invites us to think creatively about changing the collective energy using only our own energetic fields. Can you walk into a room & change the energetics? Have you ever tried? This practice may be the key in an age of facts vs. feelings. A time when our thoughts & beliefs keep us severed but our natures call us to group together for safety & prosperity. This Moon says, “Be a Creative Catalyst for Change” by making a surprising shift in the way things are done. Your energetic self is valuable, powerful & needed. This is a tool or skill set lost to us when the powerful used fear, rhetoric & mythology to terrify us into complacency. We’ve been in a collective rage/fear/sadness/overwhelm for two long years (TWO YEARS!). This Moon asks us to consider the possibility that we can & do control the collective energetic. It wants us to see if we can shift it to collective joy/happiness/hope/healing energy. This practice doesn’t require money or new skills. You don’t need a guru, master or coach. Simplicity is the key. Sitting quietly you slowly fill yourself up with what is joy for you. Hold space for that within yourself. Keep it within you as you move thru your day. Radiate it into the air when you’re around others. No need to broadcast or announce that anything is different. It’s not feeling or thinking. It’s only being. Let this energy become a mist around you throughout the weekend. See if you can hold it there for that long. There is no wrong way to do this & practice is key. Pay attention only to your energy. Speak less, think less, process less & simply be. Let, “I love you so much” describe your general energy field. Report back if you’d like to. I ♥️u🌈!!!

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