Moon in Aries. Libra Season 2018

Moon in Aries. The self. Initiation, activation & beginnings. The Moon conjuncts Chiron, the wounded healer, during these last degrees of Pisces & on the way into Aries tonight. May we dream of all the ways we can turn our collective wounds into collective tools for healing. We’re all wounded in our identities, our self worth and our fear of otherness. We want to be individuals in a safe group. The powers that keep us down work hard to make sure that we think that’s impossible. It pokes the wounds, it pours salt into them- all to insure we can’t see past our pain to find common ground. Aries is the warrior for the vulnerable, protector of the weak, initiator of self love. Powerful & vulnerable equally. Look to at your Aries house & natal placements for how YOU can start making something new from your best traits. Use what’s unique about YOU to serve the community. Initiate, activate, excite using your Aries skills. Make a new friend during this Moon and you may discover many new things about your self. What is common ground baes? This Moon may just show us all. I love you.

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