Venus slows to Retrograde

Venus is slowing to a stop now my sweets. She’s holding an intense hearing in Scorpio, the sign of deep secrets, life cycles & sexual energy. She is now weighing & measuring the value of what Jupiter has expanded & exposed here. She is pausing to squeeze nectar from our wounds because finding a treasure buried underneath is what she does in this hot water sign. We cannot avoid pain or suffering, that is the truth of being human. We COULD find ways to stop creating so much of it for each other... buuuuutt we haven’t decided that that is what matters most...yet. Look to your Scorpio & Libra houses to see where you may be composting your pain over the next two months. I am not saying it’s easy to this WeRK babes, it’s not. But the darkness holds the light (and vice versa). We cannot be complete without both. Seek support where you need it & know that you’re not alone. The traumas you’ve experienced have been experienced by others. We’re learning that truth now & it’s thru this new level of sharing that we’ve discovered that the fear of exposing our secrets is one of the tools of the oppressors. “They” use shame, guilt & the normalization of rape culture to control. We must shine our light. We must hold space for those who are processing their truths. Notice where you get triggered & hold those points up to the light of Venus. Ask her to help you process your WeRK in a new way during this Retrograde cycle-which is a powerful time for finding a path to healing your Scorpio themed experiences. Collectively we must return to the hive, working together to offer ALL of our children a new narrative about their lives, their bodies & their futures. We must value THEM most of all- and not just our daughters but also our sons. It’s hard but we can do it, yes, we can. You are so sweet. You are so worthy of this WeRK. You matter. ❤️ you 🐝s!!!

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