Venus Rx

Venus has stationed Retrograde babes. Right on time & we’re pulled under water after an intense beginning to this cycle. Venus is the planet of love, relationships, romance & beauty. She is also the planet of who, what, where, when & how we VALUE. It is also about why we give weight to one over another. Her shadows are jealously, vanity & manipulation. In Scorpio she is in the deep water of our secrets, our hidden desires & our fear of the unknown. Her cycle began on 9/2. Just as the allegations against #fuckkavanaugh emerged in the press. The debate about memory, nostalgia, “what’s normal” in adolescence, &when it’s “ok” for any victim to accuse have bubbled up like sewage. While we may see “them” continue on this path of destruction we should try not to lose sight of the value of having this “normal sexual behavior” debate exposed. The reveal is a good one & a long time in coming. It is also an indication of what we may work on collectively (& likely individually too) during this transit. Venus has been stopped at 11° Scorpio for the last few days. Now she will head back towards Libra. She is heading over the territory that Jupiter has been exposing since this time last year. She is going to check to see what treasures may be gathered up from the chaos we’ve been thru since the Pussy Grabber first grabbed. I feel we’re going back to get all the tools we need for a full on sexual revolution. What change may come? Check your Scorpio house for where you may be doing personal work RN. Notice how it connects to those around you. Scorpio wants the deepest kind of true intimacy. It wants to honor everyone’s right to join in. It may feel like one specific attack RN but it’s really millions of layers of attacks over decades & centuries all rising up together. If we join together in collective bravery to face ALL the blood in the water we may actually swim out better bonded. We’re in Venus’ Rx cycle until 11/16. We’re in her shadow cycle until 12/17. What DO you value & why? That’s the prompt of this cycle. If you’re not sure how to do the best work during this transit, reach out for a reading & we can see what Venus has planned for you. ♥️you★

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