New Moon in Libra 2018

NEW MOON IN LIBRA. I didn’t post about this yesterday because I was doing some deep personal work. This New Moon may not have felt like other new moons. This energy was kinda stuck, jammed, or off for most of us. The tension between Venus & Mars RN is palpable. Raise your hand if a man you adore has had a breakdown in front of you? Raise your hand if one has raged at you about how “good” he actually is? Stand up if a random man has tried to tell you how much of a man hater you are in the last 72 hours? A new kind of fear is bubbling up from the sewers & as much as I want to say, “it’s not our job to teach them how to behave” it kinda is. In that I mean our young men. Focusing on the “dudes” right now will get none of us anywhere good. The best plan for the angry man over 33 is to build a huge energetic wall around yourself & retreat if you can. Don’t engage them. As Mercury prepares to enter Scorpio tonight it’s best if we don’t allow the poisonous worms they’re spewing to burrow into our brains. Focus on pushing that poison into the ground knowing that that rage they feel is valid. (Whoa- breathe & let me finish) They are mad because they were sold the other side of this shitty coin. If they ate their feelings & pushed hardest they’d be rewarded with success (love, adoration & awards).They’ve seen this “truth” for centuries. They are owed this return on their devestment in their souls. They need to vent that rage until they finally sit down & cry all the tears they’ve held back since they were 4 1/2 & they heard “man up” for the first time. They need to pour that poison out. We need to let them. We need to hold each other close, we need to defend each other from that rage as needed- otherwise ignoring them the way you do an angry toddler is likely our best healing bet for the next month. The Masculine & The Feminine are in a strange battle RN- it’s not the kind where there is one winner. It’s the kind where alchemy happens. The kind where you take two things that don’t seem to go together & bind them. Making something new. We are meant to be together. Beyond sex. Beyond roles. Beyond consciousness. We owe each other patience as the poison pours out. ♥️you all

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