Moon in Taurus. Libra Season 2018

Moon in Taurus arrives at 1:26am pst on 9/27/18 babes. Safety, security, comfort. Taurus wants to be sure there is always enough. You are always enough. This has been a heavy week. Pluto’s slowed to a stop & the Moon is engaging all the Malefic planets in rapid fire transits. If you had an outburst that’s ok. Notice that & honor those feels. These are fucked up times babes but true revolution is never a walk in a pasture. This is an ideal time for making & tuning your grounding practice. Resetting those cords hourly may be needed. A practice takes time & devotion to become a ritual. Rituals are an important resource for these times. The next few days may call you to deepen your rituals with friends. Go out to eat, socialize & connect with friends. Make new commitments to each other to spend time together. You’re NOT that busy actually. If you are you’re doing too much. The world we want to live in doesn’t reward over-doing anything. Hold your life pace up to the light of the Moon babes. Are you feeling the feels or burying them under projects & deadlines? This question may make you defensive- notice that because we all may get peckish after that intense Aries Full Moon. Slow down & chew your food. Walk away from the ledge to consider if you’re being too hasty. Aries can cause that 🔥 . Thoughts become things; Little things can become charging bulls & stampedes during the next few days. So, do not rush in. Fools do that. Seek out a wise old friend for advice. Take a walk to ponder. Sip green tea. Ground into the NEW truth: your are worthy of rest. Big changes are the potential of this Moon as it passes over Uranus every month. Perhaps a change in our relationship to money would change our struggle with working too damn much;Perhaps? Consider what you truly value. Know that you are always enough. Seek out others who feel the same way about themselves during this Moon & chances are you’ll discover you don’t need what you thought you did. And seriously, slow down baby bulls. No need to risk a bloody shin or a chipped tooth to get there. You’ll get there when u should. Check you Taurus house & reach out if you don’t know wth that suggestion even means! ♥️u🐄 babes!!

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