Moon in Sagittarius. Libra Season 2018

Moon in Sagittarius. The Truth Seeker, Adventure Maker, Idea Lover. This Moon feels like a bit of a break from the weathers we’ve been in. It’s going to oppose Juno, now Retrograde in Gemini. This brings a push/pull between going back to what we’ve known or moving towards a new alchemy. What are you called to learn about, explore or research? Check your Sagittarius house for themes that you may be called to go more deeply into. Don’t scold yourself if you’re done facing current events. If you’re not resting you’re on the edge of injuring your self. Take time away from the 24 hour Hell cycle to check our a book from the library, turn to page 9, read line 9. What does that message bring you? Can you draw a picture of that message? Can you make those words into a poem? Divine another book & another. When your done synthesize all you’ve discovered into one larger narrative about these two days. The only way we will find a new solution to the problem before us is thru creativity & full-on weirdness. Take a impulsive adventure. Even if it’s just a walk at lunch time. Go into a strange store or restaurant. Look around for messages. Sag is about the higher mind & Gemini is about the symbols & codes- together their polarity is about learning, communicating & information. If you allow imagination to guide you during this Moon you’ll likely find some delightful & mystical new info that’s meant just for you. Pay attention even if you’re constantly day dreaming. It won’t be easy to focus this weekend so prepare for that by PLANNING TO RELAX. If you must continue to protest try to find outlets that use creativity or writing in their work. Make signs for a march with bright colors. Write letters to friends encouraging them to vote. Bring art supplies to a shelter & make art with people. Find a new way to connect to the idea that this can get better. Reach out if your need help finding Sagittarius in your chart. Share your divination poems, drawings & discoveries. I’d love to see your #processbasedart babes. I know it’s been a tough go- but this is what labor is like. This is what process is. It’s hard. But we’re training for something better. I love you.

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