Moon in Pisces. Virgo Season 2018

Moon in Pisces. Go into the swirly waters ahead as you dream tonight babes. This Moon arrives early. Submit to the sparkles & fantasy that’s calling you. Disconnecting is healthy- until it’s not. Just like working super hard is healthy...UNTIL IT IS NOT. This Moon May invite you to notice this pushing & pulling, waxing & waning. The constant ebb. If you do you sway you may be rewarded with additional insights about the strange shifts & blocks of late. Activate your imagination this weekend. If you find you struggle to surrender to the nothingness of relaxation NOTICE that. Everyone needs to reboot (yes, even you!)(YES!!! Even if the project seems monstrous & all important!!!). You’re that valuable to the ether. The cycle can’t be stopped; stalling only prolongs our discomfort. Visualize a whirlpool. Be a Beta fish. Let the dreams seep in even when you’re awake. Because the absence of WORK is the WeRK in Pisces. Be everywhere & no where for 48 hours babes. Do it because your creating a big Full Moon release list from the experiences of this weekend. Intend to do magic. More to come on that in the Full Moon post... until then, be there for each other. Go for a mystical swim. Connect in a weird new way. Find a rainbow. You’re SO magical. I love you so much. 🌈

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