Moon in Libra. Libra Season 2018

Moon in Libra. The sign of balance, fairness & justice. The strategist vibe begins to arrive this evening, a much needed shift RN. This is a time of planning, organizing & preparing. What are you getting ready for? Look at your Libra house for where you might be planning a big shift. The New Moon will be exact tomorrow at 8:47pm PST. Prepare to state your intention to fight for fairness in your unique way. How can you be the the balance we need? What strategy will you develop to build a better future? This Mutable Air Moon could allow you to finally look logically at the destruction around us. Can you take responsibility for your part in this process of revolution & restructuring? How will you act on your realizations? What are you doing for the good of the group? Libra is the General in a battle. Each of us are capable of taking charge of our own parts of change making. Don’t belittle your ideas in these times. We don’t all revolt in the same style. Do it your way! Be bold & shocking. Speak out about your new ideas. Offer them up to inspire others no matter how outside the box they are. Speak up. Be a changemaker. Being a fierce defender of independence while equally seeing others as partners & friends is challenging. We must accept this challenge in order to build a bridge. We must see all the problems at hand before we can craft the best solutions. We are not more divided, we are just seeing the ever present schisms more clearly. We’re beginning to understand what justice needs to look like now, in our modern times. Change in these times are fast & furious. Sometimes they are bloody. But change is inevitable for evolution. Seek out a better understanding of our problems by using your Libra talents of communication, mediation & relating to strike out for the good of all. Together we can move forward. Let’s plan that first step Babes. Let’s organize this battle. I love you so, so much!

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