Moon in Leo. Libra Season 2018

Moon in Leo. The Golden Heart Light. This moon is a reminder that you CAN use your unique magic to build a fire within your self, you’re inner hearth. A fire that will ignite your heart’s desire AND radiate a healing light out into the world. Notice where you’ve let your Radical Self Care practice SLIP. It’s been a fucked up time of late babes. Are you processing or stuffing your feels? Sometimes it’s hard to tell the diff these days. But...there is a potential magical alchemy available in a new relationship with information OR with your beliefs. IF YOU ACTIVATE IT. You’ll have to work hard to go deep enough to find it. It’s your KNOWING. Use what you’ve learned in your recent WeRK to dig into the dark places. What strange new thang can you discover within you? Be a chemist, a scientist, a magician. Do your research. That tickle in the back of your mind might actually be a bold idea that needs to be given the mic. Leo loves to create and perform. Let that kitty help you discover what’s missing thru an interpretive dance or a process based art project. Let lose a bit wild ones. Look to your community, especially a new group or collective for a missing ingredient. Shine your Golden Heart light at them & see what they reflect back to you. We’re being gifted the full force of good fortune, truth & abundance now so if we can trust that everything is as it should be chances are something important will be revealed. This revelation may be an important tool for the journey into the Venus cycle just ahead. It may be the realization that matters first is YOU. You can’t do your WeRK without rest, rejuvenation or rewards. Reset your Radical Self Care & this journey will be more productive. You’re worthy of some pride, glory & acknowledgment little kittens. It’s a tough time but we’re brave & bold. Look at your Leo house for clues to where you’ll be called to focus now. Do you need more self care there?? Can you make magic within those themes? Reach out if you need help. I love you 🦁s!! 💋

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