Moon in Gemini. Libra Season 2018

Moon in Gemini. The vocal chords, lungs & hands. Something is bubbling up from the deepest dark babes. Something new is trying to whisper to us. Can you hear it? Gemini, the twins. The duality, the light & the dark. We need both sides my loves. Which part is missing for you? What magical alchemy is needed to close the schism? We’re disconnected from something we need, but what? This Moon brings the potential to tap into our feelings, desires & purpose in a calm, logical way. As a grand air trine forms between the Moon, the Sun & Mars our rational, curious natures may be activated. I know we’ve had a rough week but try to focus on innovation RN. Look for the emergent properties in these broken bits & pieces. Is there a solution within the sickness? Can we heal our collective wounds by linking the masculine & the feminine back into one unified force? Is there NEW INFORMATION we’ve missed because there is a slight of hand game constantly going on before our eyes? Two planets are about to change direction. Pluto moves forward seeking to reveal profound transformations from our traumas hidden in our bones. Venus turns back to show us how the darkness also offers us the sweetest sweetness. Take time to notice what your pain has gifted you. Look to your Gemini house for the skills to process your experiences more like a machine. Sometimes feelings matter most & sometimes they need to take the back seat. It is possible to think our way out in a healthy way but always ask for help. Be the light & the dark. Do something revolutionary, unexpected & unsettling. You’re already brave babes; now, be bold. “They” wrote the stories of our great-great-grandmothers mothers; it’s doesn’t mean they’re true. Flip the script, change the narrative. Rewrite the stories. Dig deep inside you to find your magic & cast YOUR spell now. You are powerful if you believe it to be so. Your magic is real. Speak your truest words, write them down, see them spread from your heart like telephone wires, like WiFi signals. Send them out to the kid inside of everyone. Send 💗 out. Beep, beeep! Cast your spells & you may build a new foundation, a better altar for the future. I love you babes. I see you.

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