Moon in Capricorn. Libra Season 2018

Moon in Capricorn. So Ambitchous. Don’t stop climbing babes. Don’t stop fighting to build a new structure for all. We’ve had a few days to swim in our feelings. We’ve had a few days to think deep thoughts. Now we can use the Capricorn vibes to organized & task manage what’s been discovered in those journeys. We can set new rules, make new commitments & create a stronger mission statement. Capricorn is a powerful leader. Look to your Capricorn house for where you can engage a new set of policies for a better world for all. Your WeRK for the world might live in this house- what do those themes reveal to you?? If you’ve been doing your WeRK to truly notice all your feels than this Moon might now be able to use them as the fine tools they are meant to be. All the feels have a purpose if you believe they do. Keep climbing babes. Keep WeRKing. Keep asking for help if you’re stuck. We can do this if we work together. I love you all! ★

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