Moon in Cancer. Libra Season 2018

Moon in Cancer. All-TheFeels. And we have a right to them. We need to express them. We need to validate them. We need to use them for making the world better for everyone. We need to stop making our girls doubt feels and our boys stuff feels. These behaviors back a person into a corner & this activates their fight or flight instinct. That’s shadow Cancer energy right there. Feeling threatened or afraid this sign can become aggressive & reactive. It struggles to release past traumas & injuries because it’s programmed to remember them in order to avoid that danger in the future. It creates a hard shell around it’s soft center to survive. This sign IS the past, ancestors, family, survival & instincts. In order to make a change under this water vibe we must allow our true feelings to flow- even if those feels are rage, fear, & sadness. If you have all-the-feels seek out a safe place to release them. If you’re feeling solid BE a safe place for others that you notice are filled up. Just listen. Offer a cozy spot to rest. Make soup, tea or cake for them. This sign also rules the tummy so watch out for how anxiety goes straight there. Calming your stress can relieve the aches in your middle. Check your Cancer house for the WeRK you’re being called to do over the next two days. You’re worthy of your feels, especially in these days. Reach out with questions or to book a session. I love you little 🦀!

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