Moon in Aries. Libra Season 2018

Moon in Aries. The shift occurs at 4:04pm PST today but I wanted to give you a little heads up as this Moon will be Full tonight. Aries: The self. The warrior. The beginning. You probably won’t have to look too deeply to see your wound work today. As this Moon burns its way into the sign of activism it will pass over the Chiron, the wounded warrior. You may see a new way in which your injuries & traumas can become a salve for the wounds of others. You may be called to share your stories in order to encourage justice & fairness. You may be able to reclaim a power or a sense of control you thought was lost. As this Moon ripens to full over the next few hours today take time to allow your rightful rage to release from your spirit. Do not hold in your anger, frustration or fear today. Use what you’ve learned about Radical Self Care & purification fires over this long hot summer to “let go AND reclaim” in a healthy way. Also, I invite you to look to our little boys today. As much attention has been directed, and rightfully so, to our girls we must remember that our boys are also here. They may be receiving the messages that boys are terrible monsters who rape, abuse, dominate & destroy. Notice what you’re saying about “men” or “boys” around them. Remember that they can hear you. Ask them if they have questions. Talk to them about these issues. The masculine shares a wound too my darlings. This behavior is a collective pattern for a reason but it might not be the one we wish it was. We are all responsible for culture & collective. We are all 1/12th Aries energy. We are all capable of violence. Take some time today to look at your Aries house to see if you have a wound OR if you have wounded another. Explore how you can make that action into a new form of healing. The next 48 hours will thread this needle for all of us. Prepare your Full Moon Releases to include honoring your inner Masculine being; honor the masculine in others. A true healing will occur when these two human halves are reunited in a new way. Aries is a new way. More to come on the Full Moon too babes, which is exact at 7:57pm PST tonight. Please reach out if you need help finding your Aries House. ♥️u!

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