Moon in Aquarius. Libra Season 2018

Moon in Aquarius. The revolutionary. Preparing for a big change is hard work. It’s hard because it’s unknown. It’s hard because it’s inevitable. It’s hard because we know we have to let go of security and surrender to the outcome. With the planet of war & aggression finally moving full speed, outside of it’s Rx Shadow, in Aquarius we may begin to see the real revolt take shape. We are all tiredAF but our work has mattered. If you’ve been heeding the advice of the eclipse cycle in Aquarius/Leo you’ll have developed a Radical Self Care Practice that will assist you in the REQUIRED rest/resist/revolt/rejoice/repeat cycle that’s gonna get us out of this mess we’re in. We’re facing some seriously fucked up reality RN. It’s been like this for countless of our fellow humans for centuries but the privileged are waking up from a long, lazy slumber. It hurts. We’ve been seeking a common enemy that could unite us all & we’ve found it: it’s climate change. We’re all tender & exhausted but the time to rise up is approaching. If you feel your rage bubble to the surface check your Aquarius house for ways you can wield your revolutionary powers for the good of all. It’s not easy but we can’t go back to how it “was”. We must innovate& go wild-outside the boxes of the past. Do sometime shocking. Turn left. Break a pattern or cycle during this Moon. We’ve been in some emotional water for...uh, seems forever babes- but it’s not. It’s just for today. That’s all you gotta do my darlings. Just do Today, RN, this one thing. AND If you just fucking can’t anymore find a friend and half do it together. Keep adding friends until you can do it. Because we gotta. We can’t give up or give in now. If you need help reach out to me, my SweetAstro group, or a group you trust. Get a reading if you’re super overwhelmed right now. Cuz it’s overwhelming. I 💯 VALIDATE THAT! Your Natal Chart can show you specifically where you may get the most out of these turbulent times and for how long you may have to kick this hard to swim away. These weathers will change. I can’t say if that’s gonna be easier or harder but I do know that IF we push thru together it will definitely be better. I love you so much!

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