Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra. Sometimes your best strategy in a battle is to use your voice. Speak up for your beliefs. Strategize for justice. Ask for support. Stand behind another who’s voice is more important than yours. Practice Listening with your heart AND your mind. Support a cause with your money, skills & labor. Talk to your neighbor. Don’t confuse the facts with the feelings- remember both are required for fairness & balance. It’s time to admit that #blacklivesmatter AND actually do something about it. If you’re not sure what to do- it might be time to explore your #privilege more deeply. Our giant disconnect is sneaky & invasive, it seeps into all our cracks. We’ve made things too complicated when they are really, really simple. We only need to talk again to reconnect to our collective threads; to regroup. Innovate, debate, discuss. That’s what humans do. Mercury in Libra wants to talk about our relationships to sex, race, gender & all the other nonsense labels we have created for each other. Time to change THAT sh*t. We’re humans, we all need the same things. What we “want” is where we get hung up. Time to really consider what you actually want. What is your hearts desire? Speak Up Now Babes (AND never forget to LISTEN equally)!!! Check your Libra House for indicators of your talking points for the next few weeks. Say what you mean to say. Shut up if you’re not sure what to say. Talk to the wind if you need to practice you’ll say. The wind is very likely to answer you. Let’s get to work generals. #timesup ALSO: Know that I love ya!

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