Mercury enters Scorpio

Mercury enters Scorpio= WORDS! Moon enters Scorpio= FEELS. Moon conjunct Mercury= WORDS ABOUT FEELS. Thoughts become things. Then, Moon opposed Uranus= ALL THE THOUGHTS & FEELS RACE AROUND & CHANGE DIRECTIONS. Mercury opposes Uranus tomorrow= BELIEFS SHIFT. How many social media battles did you have today? How many arguments with your love(ers) just kept popping up?! Ahhhhhhhhhh. Please see my last post for additional info on the current vibes if you’re really struggling with current affairs. As remediation for these painful times I recommend writing, drawing & alternate forms of expression if you can engage that. If you must have a battle of words, thoughts and/or ideologies please protect your energy & make sure you cleanse your self afterwards. Ground, bathe, eat cooling foods, make sure you let the toxins that build up when we are under duress OUT. Pour it out. Be with your favorite folks. Talk about healing, gestating, composting, & planning for your upcoming holidays & celebrations even when you don’t want to. Notice little things. Imma be honest babes- there are some potential bumps ahead. Hold onto each other & trust this process has purpose. Cuz it does. It does. I love you so much!

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